Essex Roof Cleaning Service

A great way to improve the whole external appearance of your home in Essex is to have your roof professionally cleaned. This is not a particularly difficult job and you could possibly carry it out yourself.  However, before you get out the ladders and buckets you do need to consider the risks.

For a start there are safety concerns about gaining access to the roof and also with working at height on ladders or scaffolding.  In addition you could easily damage your roof tiles if you don’t carry the job out correctly.

Roof cleaning is important. As well as the cosmetic impact and a newly cleaned roof will make your property look fabulous, it is a necessary part of home maintenance.

 Essex Roofs bear the brunt of all the weather and as a result moss, lichen and algae can grow on the roof which can affect the whole structure causing tiles to become porous and dislodged out of place.  Replacing roof tiles or even worse having structural work carried on your roof is expensive yet easily avoidable if you carry out regular maintenance.

According to building experts, there are three main causes of roof damage which accumulate on the average roof. These are moss, algae and lichen.

  • Moss is a plant that thrives in wet conditions and with the generally damp British climate it can be hard to get rid of. It grows in clumps on the roof and it can cause serious damage especially when it freezes. Moss retains a lot of moisture so can cause internal damp. It also can grow underneath roof tiles causing them to lift and break.
  • Algae are airborne microorganisms carried by the wind and can damage roofs by gradually eroding the structure. If you have noticed black staining coming from the roof and spoiling the appearance of the roof and walls, you have a problem with algae.
  • Lichen is a plant growth which is carried by the wind. It settles in places that are already host to the algae that it feeds off and is hard to remove. Lichen can lie dormant on your roof and only appear in wet weather.

Most roofs in Essex have a combination of these three common issues. However, there can be other factors that spoil the appearance of your roof and compromise the structure such as pollution and oxidation which can affect metal parts of the roof. Local Roof Cleaning Essex

Is roof cleaning essential in Essex?

Cleaning your roof is an essential part of home maintenance. If you ignore your roof you could be lining yourself up for costly roof repairs in the future. This means it is always worth ensuring that your roof, like the rest of your home, is clean and well maintained.

However many people choose to have their roof cleaned for its cosmetic impact because it makes such a fantastic difference to the external appearance of a property.

If you want your home to look its best, whether for your own satisfaction, the neighbourhood, or because you are thinking of selling, you should certainly have your roof cleaned. A clean roof is as noticeable as a dirty roof and will add value to your home. Local Roof Cleaning Essex

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How can I clean my roof in Essex myself?

For most Essex householders, this job is something that you should never attempt alone. You will need to gain access to your roof via ladders, scaffolding or even by renting a cherry picker and even then, this becomes even more expensive because you will need to buy or rent specialised roof cleaning equipment.

You can clean the moss and algae off by hand, using a bucket and scraper. Once this has been completed, you will need to wash the roof. There is no easy way of doing this. You should never attempt to clean your roof with a home pressure washer because you could damage the tiles. And although a pressure washer may be suitable for some roofing materials, trying this out on your own roof is an expensive way of finding out!

By contrast, professional roof cleaning services use a range of specialised tools and equipment that are perfectly designed for all types of roofing materials.

How are Essex roofs cleaned?

A professional roof cleaning service may offer a range of options. Many professional services can work from ground level by the use of water fed poles that deliver a low pressure or soft wash. The professional may gain access to your roof and work at height.  Low pressure washing is the most usual method of roof cleaning but some companies offer additional methods such as steam cleaning. In some cases high pressure washing may be used if your roof is suitable for this type of vigorous treatment.

A professional roof cleaning company can also treat your roof with biocide – a product that kills off algae and growth.  This requires the use of protective clothing as it is classified as a hazardous chemical so is a job best left to the professionals.

Once the job is finished, the professional company will handle the clean-up operation including the disposal of rubbish and the management of the biocide which could cause a health risk if not handled appropriately. Roof Cleaners in Essex – Basildon – Billericay – Braintree – Brentwood – Chelmsford – Colchester – Colne Valley – Epping Forest – Halstead – Harlow – Hornchurch – Maldon – Rochford – Saffron Walden – Southend – Stanford Le Hope – Thurrock – Upminster – Wickford

Have your roof and your gutters cleaned at the same time.

If you are considering having your Essex roof cleaned, it makes sense to have your gutters cleaned at the same time. That way you can minimise disruption and keep the costs down. Many professional cleaning companies offer the two services as the tools and equipment required are often the same.

 Like roofs, gutters can be hard to reach and easy to ignore, yet guttering also plays an essential role in the safety and comfort of your home. A blocked or leaking gutter can cause long term damage to your property and can cause internal dampness. In addition, ignoring long-term damage can cause structural damage to your property requiring expensive repairs in the future.

Don’t ignore your roof and your gutters

Don’t ignore your Essex roof and your gutters. It can be easy to neglect these vital components of your property because in general, we do tend to subscribe to an “out of sight out of mind” approach when it comes to home maintenance. This is a big mistake. For most people, the home is their major investment so it is worth ensuring that yours is as well maintained and looking as good as possible.

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Why Clean Your Roof

Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning is one of those important home maintenance jobs that often ends up on the “to do” list. It is not an appealing job; it is messy and difficult and without the use of ladders and special equipment it is easy to damage your roof if you decide to get the pressure washer out and have a go yourself!

It is a mistake to ignore your roof. Cleaning your roof is important and a dirty or moss-covered roof can lead to internal dampness and cold home, not to mention the risk of damage to tiles and shingles.

Roofs often attract moss and algae growth especially on northerly or westerly facing aspects which receive the brunt of the weather. Our damp climate means that we do get plenty of rain and this can lead to roofing problems.

Moss, lichen and algae

Cleaning your roof, lichen, and algae growing especially in the places on the roof which face the worse of the weather. Moss especially is a problem in damp climates growing into dark green clumps of unsightly vegetation on the roof.

Moss can damage the structure of your roof. Because it retains water, there is a risk of this freezing during the cold winter months and if it gets underneath the tiles, as it usually does, it can lead to cracked tiles. In addition moss will interfere with the internal comfort of your home. It prevents it from absorbing sunlight and warmth and can lead to internal damp as well as causing your home to feel cold.

Algae are microorganisms carried by the wind and these can damage roof structure too. Algae feed on the structure of your roof and gradually erode tiles if left unchecked.  If you have noticed Cleaning your roof or running down your walls, you likely have a problem with algae.

Lichen feeds off algae so if you have one, you probably have the other. Lichen is hard to remove because it lies dormant often appearing only in damp weather.

How to clean your roof yourself

Cleaning your roof is not impossible but it can be a difficult job requiring the use of specialised equipment. Ideally, you need to climb onto your roof and scrape off any moss or algae. You then need to clean the roof by washing it.

Never use a pressure washer on your roof. Most roofing materials are too fragile to sustain a high-pressure wash and you do run the risk of causing extensive damage to tiles and structural fittings.

You can try washing the roof yourself but without professional equipment, this is largely ineffective and hard to do if you are balancing on a ladder.  This means if you want to have your roof cleaned, it is always best to have this done professionally rather than struggling on alone.

A clean roof makes your property look fantastic!

As well as keeping your roof in good condition, cleaning your roof improves the whole appearance of your property. An effective roof clean brings the original colour back to tiles and shingles, making your home look well maintained and cared for.

You can’t hide a dirty roof. Although it is easy to ignore, your roof is highly visible for the world to see. If you are considering selling your property, having your roof cleaned will create a positive first impression on any buyer who will be looking for potential faults and any maintenance issues for the future.

Hire a professional roof cleaning service.

Hiring a professional roof cleaning service is always the best option.  A professional roof cleaning service will be able to clean your roof in the best possible way for your property.

Most roof cleaning companies use a professional low-pressure wash system that enables the roof to be cleaned from ground level by the use of water-fed poles.  Alternatively, some companies offer a specialised steam cleaning service which is suitable for cleaning historic properties and listed buildings.

If it is necessary to gain access to your roof, you don’t have to worry about hiring expensive scaffolding or investing in ladders because this will all be included in the price.

Once the roof has been cleaned you can have it treated with a biocide spray which will prevent moss regrowth for the next few years. You can also have your roof treated with a sealant spray for added protection.

Treating your roof with biocide requires special protection as it is a hazardous substance so working safely with this potentially dangerous chemical does require competence, protective clothing, and adequate training.

Is roof cleaning expensive?

Roof cleaning is not expensive. Prices will depend upon the contractor you choose, the size of your roof, and any special circumstances such as the condition of the roof.  The best way to find out more is to contact roof cleaning companies in your area and to obtain a quote. Find out exactly what is included in the price such as the biocide treatment and see if you can see any reviews or testimonials from other customers in your area.

Never agree to have your roof cleaned by a doorstep caller because in most cases, these sorts of cowboy traders will rip you off and damage your roof by high-pressure cleaning.

Have your gutters cleaned at the same time

If you are having your roof cleaned, it makes sense to have your gutters cleaned at the same time. Most roof cleaning companies also offer a gutter cleaning service and although both jobs require different equipment, they can both usually be carried out in the same visit.

Cleaning your gutters and removing any blockages is an easy way of avoiding damp. According to insurers, problems with guttering are one of the most common reasons for household water damage.

Although a clean gutter does not have the “wow” factor of a clean roof, both maintenance jobs are equally important.

Cleaning your roof and your gutter gives your property a health check.

It is difficult to see up onto your roof or into your gutters so having these professionally cleaned will give you peace of mind that everything is functioning as it should. It will also alert you to any minor problems before they become major expenses. Many companies use video cameras and mirrors to check out condition so you can see exactly what is going on.

Although we all enjoy doing our own DIY maintenance and repairs, cleaning your roof and gutters are always jobs that are best left to the professionals!